Should you find yourself actually in my shoes
And not just in the text of my tale,
I shall have a few tips and pointers for you:

Humble yourself, for the Force of the universe
Is perfectly willing and able to crush you …
And may choose to do so at any time
For reasons that may require decades to understand.

You are going to swim through some thick soup,
But do not attempt to use these few lines as a flotation device.
And remember that caffeine compounds your compulsions.

You will discover many ways not to save money,
Not the least of which is not to care, way deep in your soul,
Whether you do.

Whenever you enter a new city,
You will be drawn to the public library, there.
You may begin to wonder why they all smell exactly the same.
I will go ahead and tell you now:
It is the sweat on the jackets and pages –
      These books do work for a living.

Not that my tale would ever make it that far …
I am just saying, should you find yourself actually in my shoes,
Be aware of the works
Around you.


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